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We all know the basics of a healthy lifestyle- exercise, eat vegetables, etc – but what else should we be doing every day for a better version of yours.

So here are the "9 Things Man Should Do Everyday".

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

1. Wake up with an alarm

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Routine always works and progresses to a healthy and managed lifestyle. When you wake up early with an alarm or on time after taking a full satisfied 7-hour sleep, then surely you'll get the way we taught for early to bed and early to rise. Waking up early makes you feel in control and like you have a grasp on your day. As you sleep any longer than 7-8 hour, you'll start to get a little sluggish or like everything is not in place.

2. Take breaks between work.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Scientifically, taking breaks makes you more productive. Working on the same subject for a long time or continuously will eventually decrease your workflow. So, it's better to take rest instead of the low quality of work and high stress.

3. Start the morning with high diet having high protein and vitamin content.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Your breakfast should be high in calories and protein and carb content. Getting a high calorie (low in fat, high in carbs) breakfast is good because of it re-supplies your body with nutrients after a full night of rest. And, also control the appetite through the day and minimizes the craving for food every minute.

4. At least one creative,  recreational or active thing every day.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Do whatever you want to do go to a gym, go to a pool, made a sprint. etc. Do at least one activity, that’s out of your comfort zone and get your blood pumping.

5. Dress Well and stay groomed every day.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Being well dressed and well groomed eventually boost up your self-confidence and approach towards others. Also, you never wanna be caught wearing a bad fit. Firstly, because you never know who you’ll run into to. Secondly, wearing clothes that make you look good, makes you feel good

6. Take Cold Showers.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Truth be told, no one actually likes this tip and you’re most likely going to skip it. But, a 2008 study showed that cold showers activates the nervous system and increase your endorphin levels. It’s basically a natural shot of espresso. Also, there are many other benefits of taking a cold shower like they build strong willpower, improve emotional resilience, reduces stress, increase alertness, stimulate weight loss, cause a rise in testosterone levels,  boost your sperm count and increase fertility, drain your lymphatic system. 

7. Spent Some time with family and friend.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

 Here are four good reasons to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

  • Longer life -  A review of 48 studies involving more than 300,000 people, which discovered those with the strongest social relationships are 50 percent more likely to live a longer life compared with others who are the least socially integrated.(Source-CABA UK), so get up and organise some family get together.
  • Healthier lifestyle-  In one poll, 36 percent of people said being close to family and friends helps them to eat more healthily, while almost half agreed that their loved ones make a difference when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle.(Source-CABA UK)
  • Less stress- Having a good chat session with a close relative could help reduce your stress levels, say experts. 
  • Less isolation- Family members may benefit your mental health because it helps you avoid feelings of loneliness, say, researchers.

8.Set up daily goals.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

Write up your daily goals and checked them as soon as they get done. This task will help you to be punctual and also make your work split into time, further losing the workload.

9. Read News.

9 Things Man Should Do Everyday

A newspaper is today's only one of many information sources. Others are carefully selected people to follow on social media, YouTube videos, TV interviews, documentaries.

Reading newspaper increases critical thinking and long-term analysis. Also the ability to review one's opinion based on various sources.

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