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The difference between tucked and untucked shirt is quiet mind diverting. A baggy untucked shirt looks a complete different clothing when tucked in perfectly. It makes you look much classier and elegant. So here is "Get Your Shirt Perfectly Tucked In" to get you know " how, where and when to tuck in a shirt?"

Get Your Shirt Perfectly Tucked In

Should Tuck In Or Not?

  • In general, tuck in your button up or button down dress shirts and they are meant to be tucked in. While there are plenty of casual situations where it's just fine to wear an unbuttoned, un-tucked shirt with a tee underneath, it's hard to look better with this approach than you would by simply tucking your shirt in.      *Always tuck the shirt in that hang down past your hips.
  • In general, most polos and tees are meant to be worn untucked as these shirts hang right up to your waist. Also, if you are wearing an extra long tee than it is a must to get it tucked. 
  • For formal occasions, always tuck in your shirt- For instance, leaving your shirt un-tucked can be seen as a breach of etiquette bordering on disrespect.
  • For Business occasions like Job interviews, Meetings with new or important clients, Meeting with strangers, Serious work events (layoffs, new hires, etc.)
  • You may leave the shirt untucked for casual purposes 

Different Tucking styles-

1. Basic Tuck- 

Pull the trouser over your shirt, and then push your shirt bottom inside the trouser and then pull up the zipper and button the trouser. Put a belt, it's important to wear or accompany tucked in shirt or trouser with a belt, without the belt the look seems out to be more casual and unarranged. Now, line up the buttons of your shirt with the fly of your pants.

2. Military Style Tuck

Get your shirt tucked as you normally would. Then hold up the extra loose fabric by putting your hands down at your sides and grab the fabric.Pull the material away from your body slightly until the shirt is tight across your chest. Make a fold of the extra material and pull it back tightening the shirt and then tucked the above formed; by closing it with trouser.


  • Don’t tuck in your shirt without a belt.
  • Don’t tuck your shirt into your underwear.
  • Don't leave half untucked shirt.
  • Don’t un-tuck after having your shirt tucked in.

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