Rebranded To Mensvogue

Rebranded To Mensvogue

It's been a month since we started off our website ( We started posting content since 14th Feb,18 and our first content was about Communalism (now removed), which gave us a pretty good response. We were giving our time to this blog and writing more and more content, gradually moving from communalism to covering topics related to men's life.

 Now we have decided to make our website domain more relevant to the content which will include all the topics of men. From everyday challenges related to grooming to relationships. In short, it will be oriented to men's lives.

So from today onward we are changing the domain name of our website from "" which is so long to "" which is pretty short and catchy.

Therefore all users are hereby requested to search us by our new website name which is "".


Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Kumar Singh
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