Want To Impress The Girl You Like? | Relationship

If You "Want To Impress The Girl You Like", then you don't have to be so flirty or so extra funny just take up a proper social lifestyle, it's just simple as that, also that lifestyle will not only help your personality to grow but also help you in impressing you girl! 

Want To Impress The Girl You Like?

Get Into Social Life

Want To Impress The Girl You Like?

Your goals have to be an interesting and cool guy. Girls will get attracted towards you just because of that. It’s important to understand that you can have everything from cool looks to a calm personality but you have nothing to talk about, then you’re nil. 
The most important thing that you can do is to always work on yourself first. Make sure you build an interesting life full of hobbies and passions and the rest will just fall into place.

Be Properly Styled And Groomed

Want To Impress The Girl You Like?

Always be groomed, take care of your oral and body hygiene and take it as a foremost task to do. 
And most importantly don’t do overstyled, like wearing those creepy baggy longline shirts or drop crotch pants. Just stick to basics like shorts, jeans, or chinos for your bottoms and for tops stick to t-shirts, cotton casual button down, or Polos. You have to be masculine, never wear something feminine colour combination, jewellery or ultra skinny tight clothing, because muscularity is the only thing that actually will turn women on.

The Benjamin Franklin Effect

Want To Impress The Girl You Like?

There’s a psychological phenomenon called “The Benjamin Franklin Effect”.  It explains why people will tend to like you more after they’ve done a favour for you.  The reason is that the mind has trouble reconciling the fact that they went through the trouble of doing you a favour, even though they don’t actually like you, thus, they will end up liking you.
Next time you see the girl you like, ask her for a small favour. If she does it, then you’re already off to a good start.

Start Building Up the Relationship

Want To Impress The Girl You Like?

Once you have talked to the girl you’re interested in, start building the relationship with her. If you asked her to do you a favour and she did it, you know she likes you at least a little bit. Then the time came to impress her, talk to her every day so that you can make your intentions clear, and importantly you have to make clear your intentions from starting so that you won’t end up with a disturbing friendzone thing.

Go ahead and make sure that you slip in at least one sincere compliment; it will signal to her that you want something more intimate than a friendship.

Go For Outings

Want To Impress The Girl You Like?

Once you’ve hit that peak in your relationship, where you’ve had a streak of flirty texts (or in person) go outings for a couple of days. Women love attention and when you don’t make yourself constantly available to her, it will make her want you more.  This will make you seem more interesting to her.

These Basics will let you start and build up into a healthy relationship with the girl you like to have this.

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