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Well, some may be having their accessories, for those who don't; here we give all 5 items you should be owning by now. These accessories will make you look more elegant and mature at the same time. 

5 Essentials Accessories for Men

So sit back and have a look at our 5 must have accessory items:


5 Essentials Accessories for Men

Watch is something that only makes you cool but a gentleman too. A wristwatch is the best accessory a man could own. If you are wearing a formal outfit, you must wear a wristwatch. If you are wearing a casual outfit, a wristwatch is a must.
For a casual outfit opt for a watch that matches with your outfit, go for one having a blue or black strap as blue and black are most versatile.
Go for the metallic watches only when you you are putting on a formal attire.
Keep in mind, avoid wearing sports watches if you are not in the field.

2- Good quality wallet

5 Essentials Accessories for Men

Now a wallet is something that you would not prefer buying once in every six or every eight-month, so the first thing you should do is to invest in a good quality wallet. 
We at mensvogue believe that a wallet is something that completes a man. Go for the one according to your choice; some people always don't prefer leather wallet, but keep in mind it should be slim one and should not be much wide. Wallet not only completes a man it keeps things like keys, cash, ID proofs at once place so you don't need to worry about your things, just pick your wallet every time you go out.

3- A Bracelet

5 Essentials Accessories for Men

Bracelet helps to look a man more casual. Sometimes it is a good replacement when you don't want to wear a watch. Buy one, if you mostly put on a casual outfit. Never wear a bracelet with a formal outfit and never wear it in your office, it not only looks awkward on a formal outfit but also  gonna ruin your entire look.

4- A Pair of Sunglasses

5 Essentials Accessories for Men

The good pair of sunglasses is the best companion you can have during those sunny weather and during summers. You can put on a sunglasses on a formal outfit as well as on casuals. 
It helps you protect your eyes from dusty winds and moreover helps you to see that beautiful girl out there and that too without even getting noticed.

5- A belt

5 Essentials Accessories for Men

A man should own at least 2-3 belts. They help you get to tuck in your shirt perfectly. To see how you can tuck in your shirt perfectly click here. Belt should be narrow and it should be only up to the first-belt loop after covering your entire waist. 
Now one thing no one will tell you is about the number of holes you should be having in your belt. Around 5-6 holes are sufficient for placing your belt at the right place, extra holes always looks nasty.

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