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Bad odour affects all. Your sweat glands were made to exude a salty liquid, and guess what—you're no one to stop. While the function of sweat glands can't be stopped, causing bacteria is comparatively easy to drop. Here's how to no to body odour!

Tips To Prevent Bad Body Odor

1. Eat fresh and healthy and stay away.

Tips To Prevent Bad Body Odor

Oil processed food, garlic and onion are active causes of body smell. Ones should significantly take fibre-containing plant foods—like spinach, kale, carrots. Also, combine vegetables with your morning diet. More importantly: Quit caffeine.

2. Use an antiperspirant deodorant.

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They work best when you're not sweating. As an add-on reducing your body odour, antiperspirant deodorants also prevent excessive sweating on the body.

3. Wash and pamper your clothes.

Introduce baking soda and vinegar in your washing routine.  Baking soda and vinegar act as a disinfectant or antibacterial causes killing of bacteria further causes the proper pampering of cloths and reduce body odour certainly.

4. Clean your underarms.

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While scraping your underarms won't cut down on pit sweat, it'll help in reducing odour in the area. Your hairs are porous, so they grasp the fetor that's produced by sweltering. 

5. Get a tea tree oil!

Tips To Prevent Bad Body Odor

Your feet, armpits, forehead and hands are the sweatiest parts of your body. So to guarantee an advanced invasion, practice tea tree oil on these areas regular. A true antibacterial and a natural antiseptic—tea tree oil kills bacteria that causes body odour.

6. Wear fabrics that are breathable.

Tips To Prevent Bad Body Odor

For everyday use, try to wear natural-fibre fabrics like cotton, silk as frequently as possible to give your skin some break, ultimately forcing damp and moisture remote from it. 

7. Shower regularly.

Tips To Prevent Bad Body Odor

Replace all your body washes or bar soap with anti-bacterial variants. And also, include a body scrub in your shower management.
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