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Well every now and then people always search for the best shirts they should be having in their wardrobe. If you just can't figure out what kinds of and how much of the shirts you should be having to look your best. We at mensvogue believes a guy need not spend loads of money to look handsome. Having a few bucks can do the job only if you know where to spend.
So here we are putting 5 awesome pieces of shirts you should have in your wardrobe and if you don't have them grab 'em asap:

1-A Spotless White Shirt

5 Shirts Every Men Should Own

White shirts never go out of the style and never will be. White is the colour that suits everyone and the best part is you can pair it with almost every bottom wear. To look dapper, more classy and sexy you got to own at least one spotless white shirt. It fits with every occasion whether you are going for a party or you are going for a meeting, just put it on and be the alpha guy out there. The one and only thing you should take care about is the fabric should not be see through.

2- A Plain Black Shirt

5 Shirts Every Men Should Own

Unlike crisp white, black shirts make you look hotter. Well if you want to take a break from regular white and similar shirts you can always go for a black shirt. Not only black makes you hotter it always makes you stand out of the crowd.
Pair it with grey formal trousers for a formal look and for casual look black shirt with black jeans wins the look. But do remember black casual shirt should not be paired with grey trousers.

3- A Denim Shirt

5 Shirts Every Men Should Own

Believe us this shirt is the most versatile piece of cloth you can have in your wardrobe.
Denim shirts are men's love in the recent times. They are best suited for the casual look. Hitting a party, or going for classes, this is the best choice you can have to flaunt off your style sense.
Pair them with jeans or chinos or with anything, don't take worries, they always look great.

4-An Olive Green Shirt

5 Shirts Every Men Should Own

Olive green shirts are latest trends. They are new in the market and you can be the next trendy guy if you wear them in gatherings. Go for the printed ones for the casual look and go for the plain ones if you want them to wear on formal occasions. Pair them with the right choice of bottom wear and wait for the time you see yourself in the mirror. You would be seeing a better version of yourself, and the right choice of bottom wear could be the white /off-white coloured chinos.

5- A Square checkered shirts

5 Shirts Every Men Should Own

Some might think here that checks are the things of past. But hey wait, they always make look more elegant and decent. Believe us checks are never out of style. Many times we still notice that celebs still goes for checkered shirts and guess what, they just kill it in that attire. For the checkered shirts, the rule is that the colour of shirt should be dark and the checks should be of light colour and wait, wait till you step out of the door.

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